Effective Solutions for Critical Needs 

Delivering an Array of Solutions

The growing complexity of protecting people, infrastructures, and key assets requires new abilities to allocate resources and analyze data. Through a range of capabilities, UNICOM Government helps organizations find those new ways to turn information into intelligence: 

  • Video analytics for evaluating the contents of video for specific data, behaviors, or events
  • Access control technologies enabling authorities to allow
    or deny access to physical facilities
  • Sonar and radar remote sensing systems for detection
    and identification
  • Command and control centers for centralized coordination of security efforts
  • Intrusion detection to monitor facilities for malicious activities
  • Mobile video solutions for gathering evidence for law
    enforcement agencies
  • Video surveillance, with IP-based and wireless systems
    for crime deterrence and incident verification
  • Perimeter security to prevent unauthorized access 
  • Biometrics for positively identifying users and digitally recording presence
  • Video management systems for precise control of resources
  • Storage systems for secure storage, access, and retrieval of data 


Integrated Video Surveillance Solution

UNICOM Government's video surveillance  solution is a comprehensive integrated video evidence management solution that includes: 

  • Video Evidence Management Software: Ingest, track, and enable analysis of video evidence from street surveillance, forensics from crime scenes, finger prints, etc. 
  • Networking Infrastructure: Securely transport video and meta data between end points and a
    central repository 
  • Data Storage and Protection: Store, access, and protect video “Big Data.” Solutions include on premise,
    cloud-based, and hybrid options 
  • Governance and Project Management: Best practice processes and policies to manage law enforcement video data 
  • Financing and Contract Support: Flexible alternative payment plans and leasing options that reduce risk and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Federal, state, and local agencies