Enterprise Modernization

The recent changes in Government workforce environments has put a spotlight on the need for agencies to enact the federally mandated digital transformation policies. These policies were put in place to provide better service, support, and security to Federal employees and the public they serve.

UNICOM Government's engineering expertise and our best-in-class software tools allow us to assist customers in bridging the gap between concept and implementation. We will work with your agency to better understand where your agency's enterprise currently stands so that we can plan, implement, and modernize legacy systems to improve service offerings. Our Enterprise Modernization tools include:

System Architect®

System Architect® provides the tools to gain clear visibility into planned organizational initiatives: from planning strategies, through operations, solution architecture development, release management, and deployment.

UNICOM Intelligence

UNICOM Intelligence suite enables you to easily author and manage surveys in a variety of languages and formats - paper, telephone, and online - to help learn what drives the behavior of those you serve. 

Focal Point™

Focal Point™ gives you the ability to perform trade-off analyses and generate information on "what-if" scenarios to get a clear view of how your decisions will impact your projects, resources and deliverables.

UniGateway® (UniGW®)

UniGW® platform is a command center that surfaces information from mainframe and non-mainframe applications into web dashboards, providing web screens that display all of your applications with easy drill-downs and common access control.

Columbus DW

Columbus DW simplifies the process of collecting content from across your enterprise, storing it in a central, electronic repository, and sharing it through multiple channels with all of your stakeholders.

Schedule time with one of our engineers to learn more about our products and how they can have an immediate impact on your agency and mission.