Microsoft Azure Stack

Cloud computing has revolutionized every aspect of the Information Technology space. Innovations in cloud computing have enabled organizations to build effective, efficient operations. Cloud computing allows for rapid development and provides scalable and flexible infrastructure, while ensuring continuity and disaster recovery.

UNICOM's Microsoft Azure Stack® is the perfect hybrid-cloud solution for the challenges faced by many organizations. Designed to provide consistent cloud services where and when you need them— private, hybrid, or off-site. Whether on land, at sea, or airborne, organizations will have access to core functions such as: Data Governance/Compliance, Security, Data Proximity, and Disconnected and Edge Operations.

UNICOM Government's engineering team is here to support your secure migration the cloud. Our team can assist in the planning, installation, data and application migration, as well as with the financing to make the most of your agency's dollars.

Schedule time with one of our engineers to learn more about our products and how they can have an immediate impact on your agency and mission.